Local Service Tax

Local Services Tax – 2024

(Formerly: Emergency & Municipal Services Tax, Occupational Privilege Tax)

ATTENTION: EMPLOYERS with employees working within the Borough of Montoursville.
EMPLOYEES working within the Borough of Montoursville.

The Borough of Montoursville levies and imposes a $52 per annum Local Services Tax on each occupation engaged in by individuals within the Borough’s corporate limits.

(The Montoursville Area School District has eliminated their 5.00 LST Tax Levy in the Borough)

The Employer’s Annual Reports and Payments shall be received by the Borough Administrator within thirty (30) days of the end of each quarter:

  • 1st Quarter Ending Mar. 31 – Tax Due Apr. 30 
  • 2nd Quarter Ending June 30 – Tax Due July 31 
  • 3rd Quarter Ending Sep. 30 – Tax Due Oct. 31 
  • 4th Quarter Ending Dec. 31 – Tax Due Jan. 31, 2025

Self-Employed individuals are required to submit their report and payment by June 15 or as soon thereafter as he/she engages in an occupation.

Each individual who shall have more than one (1) occupation shall be subject to the payment of this tax on his/her principal occupation.

Exemption for persons making less than $12,000 per year. Persons wishing to apply for a minimum income exemption must submit an Application for Exemption from Local Services Tax and all supporting documents to both the Employer and the Borough Administrator.

Forms may be obtained at the Borough Office or by visiting the links below.

Payments of the tax should be made to:

Borough Administrator
617 Loyalsock Ave
Montoursville PA 17754

A complete copy of The Local Services Tax Ordinance (# 432) is available at the Borough Office. If you have any questions, please contact the Borough office at 570-368-2486 or E-MAIL, ggardner@montoursvilleborough.org

**Note: For administrative purposes please provide quarterly returns confirming your company does not have any employees/taxes to report.